Thursday, July 4, 2019

How to Ask a Girl Out and Make Her Say YES

When it comes to girls, many boys tend to blank out. They are shy to speak to a girl and many tend to break out in sweat just to go up to a girl and say ‘Hello’.This often leads to many awkward situations and giggles from the girls. At times things go so bad, girls immediately want to run away or hide from you.

Well, the problem is you are not confident in yourself. You need to pull up your socks and get your game right. Let us learn some confidence tips that help you learn how to as a girl out and get a yes.

How do You Ask a Girl Out?

Well, to begin with you need to treat a girl nicely. If you are friends or see each other almost daily, make sure you treat her well. Talk to her with respect, make her laugh, as questions about her and basically make her feel a special friend.

So, Will This Help?

If you are lucky then definitely yes. Or else when you ask her out, she may just friend zone you and say, ‘Oh, I like you as a friend’. Well, do not worry. She may go out with another boy who won’t treat her just as nicely as you did. She may start yearning for your company and in a few weeks may come back to you asking for a date.

Sounds Too Farfetched?

Hmm, yes in a way. It is all too larger than life scenarios. So, how to ask a girl out for real? You need to keep your ground work strong. Many boys who go up to girls tend to forget they need to create a spark for the girl to become interested. Instead they are all over the girl and she just turns him down.

Unless you are the next Tom Cruise, you need to build the romantic tension. There are certain courtship rules to follow that will help create potential magic in the mind of your potential partner.

1.Start with Short Conversations

Is the girl you like living in the same apartment? Is she a fellow classmate or colleague? Then, just a simple ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ will suffice on a daily basis. Gradually, move on to short conversations like ‘How are you doing today’? or ‘Looking great’. She will think of you as a friendly and easy to approach guy and become comfortable talking to you.

2.The Flirtatious Teasing

Teasing her in a healthy, flirtatious way will get her attention. Make light-hearted jokes or give her a funny nickname. This will create a bond between just the two of you and will start sparkling the romantic tension.

3.Be a Man with an Edge

Being the Mr. Goody Two Shoes all the time will result in you ending up just a friend. Do not agree with everything she says. If you disagree, say so and stand your ground. Tease her, flirt with her openly and if you agree with her secretly, do reveal it to her after all the flirting and teasing. She will be amused and prove you are a man of opinion who will stand his ground if he disagrees.

4.Bring Up Common Hobbies

It’s time to find some common ground between you two. Find out what you like to do or have conversations on subject you like. You can even find out your eating habits and if they match you can suggest going out for dinner or an occasional snack. Commonality will help you build a strong ground for a future relationship.

5.It’s Time to Ask Her Out

Now that she is happy and comfortable around you, it is time for some action. The best thing to do is ask her out during a routine conversation. Bring up the topic and suggest it would be good as you both share the same interest and have a comfort level. Do not sound unsure of the question you ask. You need to assume she will agree and let her take the decision. You need to show you would love to go out and now the ball is in her court. Tell her let’s meet up at so and so place and have fun. She will accept and now it’s time to work out the logistics and plan fun things that you will do on your date.

This is how to ask a girl out and make her say YES. Respect her and flirt with her in a healthy way. Soon, she will be attracted to you and won’t be able to refuse when you ask her out.



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