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How to Send Text Messages Through Your Computer?

There are times when typing on your laptop is easier and quicker than using your smartphone.

 If you wish to send messages to many people, then using a laptop will make things quicker. But, how to send text messages through your computer?

Read on and find some useful solutions.

Send Text Message Using Your Email Client

No need to download or choose a third-party service. You can use your email to send a text message in form of an SMS. All you need is the receiver’s phone number and the name of their service provider. This way the gateway address can be easily found to forward your text. All you need to do is compose an email just as you normally would and instead of an email address, type the receiver’s 10-digit mobile phone number followed by the appropriate @gateway address. Hit the send button.

List of Text Message Gateways

Carrier                                             Country Gateway
AirCel                                               India                          
Airtel                                                 India
Airtel                                                 India
Chennai Skycell / Airtel                   India
Chennai RPG Cellular                      India
Goa Airtel                                         India
Goa Idea Cellular                             India
Gujarat Idea Cellular                        India
Gujarat Airtel                                    India
Gujarat Celforce / Fascel                 India
Haryana Airtel                                  India
Haryana Escotel                               India
Himachai Pradesh Airtel                 India
Karnataka Airtel                              India
Kerala Airtel                                    India
Kerala Escotel                                 India
Kolkata Airtel                                  India
Madhya Pradesh Airtel                   India
Maharashtra Airtel                          India
Maharashtra Idea                            India
Tamil Nadu Airtel                           India
Tamil Nadu Aircel                          India
Uttar Pradesh West Escotel            India

However, the big players in the market, such as Airtel, MTNL, Idea, etc. allow sending SMS from an email address only to businesses requiring Bulk SMS Services. Vodafone India has not even made their gateway address public as yet. Thus, if you are thinking of sending just a few SMS’s privately from your email address, it won’t be of any help. You will need to look for other methods to send text messages through your computer.

Samsung SideSync

Samsung has an application called SideSync which can be used to send messages from your PC. It also helps in viewing and controlling our Samsung Galaxy Android phone from your Windows or Mac Computer.

Google Voice

Google Voice users, rejoice. You can send and receive text messages using Google Voice number. You need to visit the Google Voice website and hit the ‘Send a message’ option.

Free SMS Websites

There are many free SMS websites that help you send and receive text from any device to any number from your computer when online. Try these SMS websites and start texting from your computer.

This is all about how to send text messages through your computer. They are easy ways to stay connected through SMS from your computer.

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