Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How to Ask a Girl on a Date over the Phone?

You have the number in your hand. You are contemplating if you should give the girl a call and ‘ask her out’. Wow. That seems like hard work.

You go over the conversation over 50 times in your head. You get so NERVOUS that you keep gulping down glasses of water. Yet, you feel your throat become dry every time you muster up courage to dial her number.

We get the feeling as in today’s age most of our conversations happen over texts or SMS. Calling a lady for date thus needs a lot of courage as you don’t want to offend her or appear like a push-over.

You may end up calling the lady and find her tone or mood is completely different from the last time you met. Or you just freeze after hearing her voice and hang up!
There are many possibilities, but you want the outcome to be just one. That is her gladly accepting your proposal for a date.

You can go on a date if you overcome all your anxiety issues and know to ask the correct questions to get favorable answers.

So is there a magical formula to ask a girl on a date over the phone? Well, there is no sure shot way, but you can try the following tips and ask a girl on a date over the phone.

Asking a Girl on a Date Over the Phone

Now, just remember the following pointers and call the girl to ask for a date. Remember, there is no magical formula and you need to improvise depending on the situation. If she refuses, be polite and graciously expect her decision. After all she too has the right to decide if she would like to meet you romantically.

#1 Steer the Conversation in the Right Direction

When you call her up it is important to ask her the right questions. Speaking on the phone is a challenge as you need to judge the other person’s reaction just by monitoring their voice. Begin by asking about her day or her plans for the day. This helps create the natural flow of conversation.

Do not ask her ‘Are you free on Thursday night?’. She might refuse and say she is busy. If you go on and ask her Friday, she may again have plans for the day. This way you got rejected twice.
You should instead ask ‘Hey, what are your plans for the week?’. She may reply, ‘Thursday and Friday I am busy, and have no plans for the weekend’. Bang! You got it. It is time to ask her ‘So how about having dinner on Saturday night’? Well, this definitely spells date and she may reply in a definite Yes. Bingo!

Please do not say, ‘Saturday’s good. Let’s meet Saturday’. This may sound like you are deciding for her and don’t care about her decisions. Thus, ask her if she is interested in meeting over the weekend.

#2 Be Polite

Speak to her gently and politely. Don’t be rude or act high and mighty. You never know she may have enjoyed her time with you but is not interested in your romantically. Or maybe she is already committed to someone else. If she refuses for whatever reason, be like a true gentleman and take it in your stride. End the conversation on a happy note without any grudges. Respectful conversations are always healthy and you never know she may develop interest in you in the future after observing your respectful ways.

So, this is how to ask a girl on a date over the phone. Be respectful, polite, loving, casual yet friendly. Be tactful in framing your questions and understand her mood by analyzing her voice. Maybe she needs to first get acquainted with you over a cup of coffee and then move on to the next level of dating you. Whatever the end result, you phone conversation should always remain as a sweet memory for her and not a nightmare.



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