Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Respectfully Breaking Up with Your Girlfriend

They say love is forever, yet at times love tends to dissipate from a romantic union. You may have been head over heels with your girlfriend sometime back. As a couple you guys go through many ups and downs and start learning a lot about the other person. Over the course of time the things that you were attracted to tend to bore you or you find this lady is not the one for me. It is not necessary one has to go through something major to breakup with their girlfriend/boyfriend. At times, people just grow apart.

You may have your own reasons to initiate a break up. You can try respectfully breaking up with your girlfriend. If you have run out of ideas or are finding difficulty then we will help you with some tips of respectfully breaking up with your girlfriend.

Respectful Ways to Breakup with Your Girl

Breaking up with your girlfriend nicely is a way to reduce the pain and tears. You need to be compassionate and help her feel less hurtful and heartbroken.

1.Try and breakup in person. If possible, do not do it in public. Until and unless you feel doing it in a public place will minimize the crying and bawling or you hate being alone with the lady in question. But, beware, breaking up in public may lead to drama and unwanted public attention. The way things develop may end up people judging you as the whole and sole villain.

2.You may be feeling distraught and may have a hundred things to say. Yet, keep it simple and short. Breaking up may be killing you from the inside, but keep your calm and composure. Maintain the fiery feelings and control your urge to ruin everything in her life. Any attempt to pull her down or cause disarray in her life will go in vain. Giving pain will only bring you more pain. Instead, control the negative feelings and just respectfully bring things to an end. This will free you from all the emotional burden from the relationship and also allow her to move on after the grieving period.

3.In an attempt to keep things calm, you may attempt to try and make her feel better. This may not prove to be good for you. Her emotions are no longer your responsibility. It may so happen you comforting her may make her feel even worse. Or you may end up getting back together as you forget to draw the line and back off. This is not what you wanted and you end up pulling a broken wagon on your shoulder.

4.Once you speak to her nicely and maturely about breaking up, stop all forms of contact. NO phone calls, no messages, no comments on social media posts, and even contacting common friends for information about each other. It has been found limited or no contact between people who breakup helps them overcome their relationship and emotionally recover sooner.

5.Don’t bottle up your feelings within you. Speak to your Man Friday or someone who knows you or your situation. Even though you may feel you are fine, you too may have a tiny pain in your heart. After all, you too invested your emotions in the relationship. You may not realize it but your friends may be able to see how the relationship and the entire breakup process have affected you. Friends are the best tonic to help you overcome the breakup and heal.

6.Don’t play the blame game. Things may have been bad between you two, but judging or blaming the other person or people will just bring more pain to you. It is important to understand things that went wrong and understand the mistakes done by both. Don’t hold grudges or resentments. Think calmly and you too will find many shortcomings within you that did not help the relationship work. Just underline the mistakes in your mind and make sure you don’t repeat them in the next relationship.

7.Breaking off is one major sign you too were not meant to be together. You may have been perfect together, but there must be something that hurt your compatibility levels. Things maybe blissful in the beginning, but as time passes, you may no longer find things rosy in the love garden.

8.Being in a relationship builds a ‘US’ from just ‘ME’. You tend to think over stuff in terms of a couple rather. So, when you suddenly break up you tend to feel an empty space. You did things together and you lose that twosome, intimate moments. You may find a void within you as you need to rediscover your single self. The best way to overcome this emptiness is spend time with your friends, family as they reassure you positively and overcome heartbreak.

9.You do not need to be friends with your ex. Many claim to remain friends after a breakup. Pause. Think it over. Are you and your ex emotionally strong to remain as just friends and accept any other relation you too might get into? You cannot force a girl to remain friends with you as she may need to break ties and move on in her own way. Yes, you may find you guys are better friends than lovers, but make sure you never force any form of relationship on your girlfriend.

10.Make sure there is a closure and no open-ended possibilities. Many people make the mistake of leaving hope alive after a breakup. If you have decided not to be friends then just end the relation then and there. Avoid giving her false hopes about getting back after things get better. Nicely end things and let her accept the closure. Thus, it is better to break up in person.

These are some of the ways to respectfully breakup with your girlfriend. It may sound easy, but it is difficult when you actually face your girlfriend. You may not want to break her heart, but your feelings matter too. There is no point in dragging on when you are not happy in a relationship. Don’t make things messy and breakup with your girlfriend in a mature, caring, decent way. After all, real men respect women and uphold their dignity.



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